Pennine Outdoor carries a range of haberdashery essential for the manufacture of specialist outdoor clothing and equipment using a domestic sewing machine. The range includes different weights of thread, and a large range of zips, touch and close tapes, edging tapes, elastic,

Zips     A range of durable 5mm plastic moulded and nylon coil zips:

  1. Closed end zips for pockets, neck openings,bags etc.
  2. Open ended zips for jackets or applications where the two sides need to separate completely.
  3. Reversible slider, open ended zips are useful for reversible jackets or where the zip needs to be accessed from either side.
  4. Double open ended zips can be useful in longer jackets as they allow opening from the bottom up as well as from the top down. ( They only  separate completely when opened from the top down.)
  5. Waterproof zips do not require storm flaps to keep out the weather and are lighter weight, making them useful in performance lightweight jackets etc.
  6. Zipping on the roll, purchased by the metre is useful for many applications. Reversible or single sliders are available for this type of zipping.

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