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Posted by Pennine Outdoor in on Sep 05, 2012.

Wettest Summer in 100 yearsThe MET Office has recently revealed that the 2012 summer was the wettest across the UK in 100 years. In June, July and August, over 370 mm of rain fell throughout the United Kingdom. These figures also follow a wettest April, meaning that so far, it's fair to say that 2012 has been a washout.

Now that we are officially into the Autumn season, things can only get wetter. If you are wanting to design and create you own outdoor clothing, you really need to look into picking the right waterproof fabrics.

Which waterproof fabrics are best for you?

Pennine Outdoors has a great selection of waterproof fabrics available for a huge number of fabric projects, from waterproof jackets to shelters such as tents.

Medium Weight and Heavy Weight, Weather Resistant Fabrics.

Medium Weight and Heavy Weight, Weather Resistant FabricsWe have a number of water resistant fabrics that come in heavy or medium weight. Fabrics like our Heavyweight Polyester with PVC Backing and 6oz PU Coated Nylon are excellent for making your own bags and rucksacks. Both fabrics are very durable and with the Nylon being extremely tough and long lasting, it is perfect for other uses such as gaiters and covers. These water resistant fabrics will really help keep you and your possessions dry when facing the wet UK outdoors.


Light Weight and Medium Weight, Breathable Water Resistant Fabrics.

Light Weight and Medium Weight, Breathable Water Resistant FabricsOur Breathable Polyester, 3oz Nylon and Breathable Microfibre fabrics are just what you need when making your own outdoor jackets, over trousers and other clothing items. Whilst providing protection from the rain, these fabrics don't weigh very much making them comfortable to wear and be being breathable you will also feel fresh wearing them.

Pennine Outdoor also has P5B PU Coated Polyester fabric that comes in fluorescent yellow for that added safety as the days get shorter during the winter months.

Lightweight, Water Resistant Fabrics (non breathable).

Lightweight, Water Resistant FabricsWe have a great selection of different Ripstop Nylon and PU Coated Polyesters should you need some effective waterproof fabrics. These fabrics can be used for a number of outdoor uses, including ground sheets, rucksacks, bags, ponchos and even kites.


And when waterproof fabrics really won't cut it, Pennine Outdoor can also provide Wetsuit Neoprene, available in full sheets or half sheets. We can also provide wetsuit neoprene in 10cm strips to incorporated in your outdoor clothing projects when you need something to have a bit of stretch whilst also having waterproof properties.

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